Hi, I’m Miles…



…and I love telling stories with relevant and compelling content. So after one of Oregon’s largest layoffs in recent history, I enrolled at Portland State University to pursue a Marketing degree. I picked up a Project Management Certificate and a Digital Marketing Certificate along the way. I also love to learn.

My skills include creative writing, project management, and video production. I’m excited about my career transition and I look forward to leveraging my mix of creative, technical, and analytical skills in a fun and collaborative marketing environment.

•I’m interested in using content marketing to help businesses grow

•I analyze data to implement strategies that move us forward

•I collaborate and influence beyond the scope of my role

•To me, EQ is more important than IQ

I’m always looking for new connections and collaborators. If I can’t help you I may know someone who can. Drop me a line in the contact form below if you want to connect.


Certification Programs Completed


Google Analytics is an essential part of digital marketing measurement and is considered by many experts to be the analytics platform of choice. My favorite part so far? Multi-Channel Funnels. Watch this quick video that explains how to see the steps customers take on your website that lead to conversion. I studied like crazy for a week and passed the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) on the first time with a score of 98%.

Completed a competitive visual audit for a local floatation center, developed a social media campaign for a local restaurant, and worked in a team to build a digital marketing campaign for the Blanchet House of Hospitality. Courses included Intro to Digital Strategies, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing, and Analytics. Taken at PSU’s CEPE (Center for Executive and Professional Education).

Learned how to create and manage projects. Used common PM forms like project charter, RACI, and project status templates. Studied concepts such as project selection, budgeting, and risk management. Courses included Project Planning and Organization, Project Management Communications and Teamwork, Project Execution and Management, and Project Leadership and Conflict Management. Completed at PSU’s CEPE.

Completed 4-day program that included an introduction to Agile followed by Scrum Master training, team exercises, and a final exam. Studied the Scrum framework and gained experience with Scrum concepts like Sprints, Daily Scrums, and the Product Backlog. Certified by The Scrum Alliance and trained by Certified Scrum Trainer Bob Schatz.

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