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Big Week in Shattuck Land

I have accepted an offer for the Marketing & Communications Manager role at Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.

4 Important Things I Learned In My Senior Capstone—No-Brainers We Sometimes Forget

Upon first glance, the four key goals of the PSU University Studies Program seem like no-brainers to me. But really, the job of achieving these particular goals is never-ending.

5 B2B Trends To Follow in 2018

The line between B2B and B2C is getting blurrier as the notion of P2P (Person-to-Person) marketing becomes clear. Strategies that place the customer front and center are winning. As the digital landscape evolves, trends have […]

I Got Skills Campaign Report: Week 2 KPIs

Hey all, It’s been two weeks since launch and the IGS video has about 9,790 views, 82 shares, and 75+ comments between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s very close to 10,000 total views! Views on Facebook have […]

I Got Skills Campaign Report: Week 1 KPIs

Hey all, After the first week, the IGS video has about 7,600 views, 78 shares, and 71 comments between Facebook and LinkedIn. Total views on LinkedIn has surpassed total views on Facebook. Interesting! Here are […]

I Got Skills Campaign Report: KPIs

Hey all, Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the numbers I’m seeing from the video resumé. See how it’s doing on: The LinkedIn post (widescreen) The Facebook post (square) As of Sunday night, January 7th, 2018, […]

Music Video Resumé Coming January 3rd

Hello! I’ve had my head down since last summer finishing up school and preparing for the job search. Here are a few quick announcements. I graduated this month with a BA Marketing from Portland State […]

Real iDeal Radio Bonus Episode: Genealogy and The Historical Context of Robert Griner, Plus The Landmark Copyright Case of 1971.

What can we learn about ourselves by researching our family history? Communications manager, historian and musician Robert Griner explains how a label from a bottle of Irish Creme liquor sent him on a journey to discover […]