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Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E7: Chris Cornell Tribute and The Day the 80’s Stood Still

The world lost a rare and amazing talent on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. An elder statesman of rock with an iconic and unmistakable voice, Chris Cornell emerged from the Seattle grunge scene and was becoming […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E6: Cover Letters, Baracuta G9 Harrington, Buddha Bar, Don’t You Forget About Gen-X

We’re up to episode 6! This episode goes from healthy breakfast, to iconic apparel, to cover letters and more. I introduce you to one of my favorite bands, Bran Van 3000, and an amazing series […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E5: Rebranding Gen-X, Coolhunting, Do You Know Steve Spatz?

In this episode, I explain why, when it comes to job prospects and career advancement for Gen-X, “reality bites”. I propose a rebranding of Gen-X based not on the generation’s perceived lack of influence and […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E3: Marketing Director Matt Cisneros, Uber Ethics, Origin of “420”

Topics Review of Retrospective of Band of the Day app from 2011-2015 The story behind the term “420”, excerpt from the Criminal podcast Uber is being sued for ‘predatory pricing’ Interview with Channel Marketing […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast E1S2: Interview with Josh Rein, Travel Tips

Topics: 10 Tricks to Influence People How to Write a Better College Paper Travel Tips Interview with Digital Media Professional Josh Rein Book Recommendation: The Four Agreements Music Don’t You Know by Kungs Eye Of […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E0: Music Beds, The Grammys, Elvis Bar

This is my mentor session as a volunteer DJ and my first time in the KPSU radio booth! I shake the nerves off, explain the premise of the show, demonstrate a music bed, discover an […]

Are Networking Events Really Worth It? (repost)

Hello, all! Summer term is under way and I’m taking Public Speaking and Managerial Accounting. I made significant progress on my garden during the break, but little progress on new blog posts, so…here is a […]

Are Networking Events Really Worth It?

Networking events can be awkward and uncomfortable. Your anxieties are on high alert. You don’t know anyone there. You’re afraid you’ll want to leave right away. “Why isn’t anyone talking to me?”.  “Why aren’t I […]