Why are you unemployed?

After one of Oregon’s largest layoffs in recent history, I decided to pursue a passion of mine: content marketing. I used the Trade Act Program to go back to school at Portland State University where I completed a BA Marketing post-bacc degree (my first degree is in Spanish, which I speak fluently). I also acquired a Digital Marketing certificate and a Project Management certificate from PSU’s CEPE. I graduated in December 2017 and I’m ready to join a new team as a marketing professional.

What type of work are you looking for?

I’m looking for an opportunity to leverage my marketing education, creative writing and production skills, management experience, and passion for building brands with compelling and engaging content.

How can you help me or my business / organization?

I can manage and execute marketing projects for you, including content creation, email marketing, video and audio production, graphic design, SEO and PPC campaigns, marketing reports and presentations, and conceptualizing, creating, and conducting digital strategies.

Favorite Portland karaoke bar?

There are so many good ones to choose from, but Ambassador is my go-to! I also recommend Karaoke From Hell at Dante’s. You get to sing karaoke with a live band!