Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E1: Joyfear, Resumes & Why I Listen to Podcasts

Topics Joyfear, is it good, is it bad? turns out, it’s both How I focused through a major life change What is Radio iDeal Radio? Five Reasons I volunteered to be a KPSU DJ Impact […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E0: Music Beds, The Grammys, Elvis Bar

This is my mentor session as a volunteer DJ and my first time in the KPSU radio booth! I shake the nerves off, explain the premise of the show, demonstrate a music bed, discover an […]

Highlights and Resolutions

My first memory is from Christmas, 1980. I just turned four years old. I remember waddling into my bedroom led by my grandparents, and what I saw standing there was magnificent…a brand new bicycle. Powder blue. […]

Summer Goals Update

Here’s a quick update on my goals for summer break. Home Garden √ Boom! These dishes are done. Here are over 30 photos showing the whole process. Thanks to neighbor Bud and my buddy Andy for […]

Better Interview Phrasing: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach, Part #3

When I read articles about how to nail a job interview, I often see good tips like “display confidence”, “enunciate your answers”, and “frame your answers in a way that relates your skills to the […]

Write Your Own Positioning Statement: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach #2

This is a job you’ve wanted for a while. It’s perfect for you; a natural step up in your career with more responsibility, better pay, and an opportunity to make a difference. You’re finally met […]

Write a Better Cover Letter: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach, Part #1

You’ve found a job that’s perfect for you, your customized resume is ready to go, and you’re about to submit your application. Then you see it. “Resumes without cover letters will not be considered.” Oh yeah. […]

Why You Should Master the Art of the Introduction

One important lesson I learned from my grandmother is to be inclusive of others. Over the years, I’ve noticed an opportunity for us to be more inclusive of other people. How? By introducing them to each […]