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Big Week in Shattuck Land

I have accepted an offer for the Marketing & Communications Manager role at Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.

I Got Skills Campaign Report: Week 2 KPIs

Hey all, It’s been two weeks since launch and the IGS video has about 9,790 views, 82 shares, and 75+ comments between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s very close to 10,000 total views! Views on Facebook have […]

I Got Skills Campaign Report: Week 1 KPIs

Hey all, After the first week, the IGS video has about 7,600 views, 78 shares, and 71 comments between Facebook and LinkedIn. Total views on LinkedIn has surpassed total views on Facebook. Interesting! Here are […]

Music Video Resumé Coming January 3rd

Hello! I’ve had my head down since last summer finishing up school and preparing for the job search. Here are a few quick announcements. I graduated this month with a BA Marketing from Portland State […]

Better Interview Phrasing: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach, Part #3

When I read articles about how to nail a job interview, I often see good tips like “display confidence”, “enunciate your answers”, and “frame your answers in a way that relates your skills to the […]

Write a Better Cover Letter: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach, Part #1

You’ve found a job that’s perfect for you, your customized resume is ready to go, and you’re about to submit your application. Then you see it. “Resumes without cover letters will not be considered.” Oh yeah. […]

5 Digital Tools for the Empowered Job Seeker

We live in the hyperlink era, and a good understanding of the latest and most effective digital tools can aid you in your job search and set you apart from other online job-seeking candidates. How […]

Sunny Skies Ahead!

Big news! I am happy to announce that, after graduating with my first Bachelor’s degree 16 years ago, and through a generous program under the Trade Act, I re-enrolled at Portland State University as a Post […]