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Real iDeal Radio Bonus Episode: Genealogy and The Historical Context of Robert Griner, Plus The Landmark Copyright Case of 1971.

What can we learn about ourselves by researching our family history? Communications manager, historian and musician Robert Griner explains how a label from a bottle of Irish Creme liquor sent him on a journey to discover […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E9: Interview with Environmental Studies Major Emmaly Beck

Can we afford to sacrifice short-term profits for a sustainable future? Emmaly Beck believes we can. In episode #9 I interview Portland State University college senior and Environmental Studies Major Emmaly Beck. She talks about […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E8: Mastering the Art of the Introduction, Tactical Interview Phrases, The Feedback Sandwich

Is the personal introduction a lost art? One important lesson I learned from my grandmother is to be inclusive of others. Over the years, I’ve noticed an opportunity for us to be more inclusive of […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E7: Chris Cornell Tribute and The Day the 80’s Stood Still

The world lost a rare and amazing talent on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. An elder statesman of rock with an iconic and unmistakable voice, Chris Cornell emerged from the Seattle grunge scene and was becoming […]