5 Digital Tools for the Empowered Job Seeker

We live in the hyperlink era, and a good understanding of the latest and most effective digital tools can aid you in your job search and set you apart from other online job-seeking candidates. How many other candidates? A lot. In fact, according a recent study by the Pew Research Center, the number of Americans researching jobs online has doubled since 2005 and 84% of recent job seekers have applied for a job online.

In the current candidate-driven job market, standing out among the top talent is even more essential. During my recent job search, I learned about several digital tools that helped me better prepare and organize my search.

Here is a short list of some of my favorite digital tools that can empower you as a job seeker.

1. Jobscan

Most large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter out candidates and select the most qualified to interview. It can be challenging to write a resumé that perfectly reflects your qualifications for a position, but Jobscan really helps.

They offer a tiered pricing structure (including a free option) and a very simple interface. You simply copy your resumé into one box and a job description into the other. Clicking “Scan” will generate a match score and an in-depth comparison including tips on how to best match your resumé to the job.

2. Rezscore

How strong is your resumé? After uploading your resumé, Rezscore will give it a letter grade and analyze your resumé from several angles, including industry, skills, and more. It will offer suggestions for improvement you can use to revise and strengthen your resumé. Here is a sneak-peak at the industry analysis for one of my marketing resumés.

3. Resume Shoppe

The resumé templates at Resume Shoppe are among the best I’ve seen. They strike a nice balance between traditional and unique, and most add the right splash of color. If you’re looking to give your resumé a makeover, have a look at Resume Shoppe.

A nice perk is that they accept 50% discount codes. It looks like the codes change regularly, so do a search for “resume shoppe 50% discount code” or check www.couponfollow.com for the latest (that’s where I found mine).  I bought a matching resumé and cover letter from Resume Shoppe that I really like for a great price using the discount code.

4. LinkedIn Premium

Knowing what you’re worth, and what the job is worth, is critical when it comes to negotiating salary. One of the nice features of a LinkedIn Premium account is the extra job info they provide including how many applicants have applied so far, how well your LinkedIn profile matches the job description, and even the salary the recruiter is offering.

When my premium account was active, the job salary was one of the first things I looked at. How many times have you found a job you’re interested in only to discover that no salary is provided in the job description? Then, when filling out most any online application, inevitably there is the question “what is your salary requirement?”. Answering that question is much easier when you have a baseline to start from.

5. Squarespace

Digital job seeking tools are so ubiquitous now that even high school students are being taught to brand themselves with professional websites. It’s no secret that as more and more job seekers apply for jobs online that branding yourself with websites, blog accounts and other social media platforms will become more and more important. Those that do it effectively are likely to get the best jobs.

Considering that only 2% of applicants actually get interviews, any advantage in a tough job market is worth looking into. Check out these tools and empower your job search.

What are your favorite digital tools for job seekers? Leave a comment below and thank you for reading!


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