Ad Copy on KXL

My first day at OEN was May 15, 2018. On my second day, I was asked to write copy for a radio spot on KXL. Our trade agreement with them was ending soon and we had two more radio spots left on the contract.

So, I met with our Executive Director and prepared a first draft. Then, I worked with our board member, a former staff writer for The Oregonian, to finalize the copy. Here are the two radio spots that ran on KXL for six weeks during the summer of 2018.

15-second spot

Script: In the complex world of entrepreneurship, it helps to have a guide that knows the way. The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network is a not-for-profit organization that offers guidance, resources, and support to entrepreneurs in Oregon & Southwest Washington. Find your direction at

While the radio spot was running, we got a call from someone who said they had just heard the radio ad and wanted to sign up for an OEN membership.

30-second spot

Script: OEN is launching the Food & Beverage Cluster on July 11th, so if you’re an emerging startup in the Food & Beverage industry and want to showcase your cuisine, visit to learn more. Oregon Entrepreneurs Network understands that to grow your business, you need fundamental business skills, connections, and mentors in your industry. That’s why OEN is launching a strategy around industry clusters to connect you to statewide resources and support specific to your industry. In the complex world of entrepreneurship, it helps to have a guide. Find your direction at”

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