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Big Week in Shattuck Land

I have accepted an offer for the Marketing & Communications Manager role at Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.

4 Important Things I Learned In My Senior Capstone—No-Brainers We Sometimes Forget

Upon first glance, the four key goals of the PSU University Studies Program seem like no-brainers to me. But really, the job of achieving these particular goals is never-ending.

5 B2B Trends To Follow in 2018

The line between B2B and B2C is getting blurrier as the notion of P2P (Person-to-Person) marketing becomes clear. Strategies that place the customer front and center are winning. As the digital landscape evolves, trends have […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E4: Interview with SalesFirst Recruiting Co-Founder Adam Morris

Hear my chat with SalesFirst Recruiting, Oregon co-founder Adam Morris as he shares how being stranded at a bus stop led to founding and running a successful business. Adam delivers a plethora of do’s and […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E1: Joyfear, Resumes & Why I Listen to Podcasts

Topics Joyfear, is it good, is it bad? turns out, it’s both How I focused through a major life change What is Radio iDeal Radio? Five Reasons I volunteered to be a KPSU DJ Impact […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E0: Music Beds, The Grammys, Elvis Bar

This is my mentor session as a volunteer DJ and my first time in the KPSU radio booth! I shake the nerves off, explain the premise of the show, demonstrate a music bed, discover an […]

Better Interview Phrasing: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach, Part #3

When I read articles about how to nail a job interview, I often see good tips like “display confidence”, “enunciate your answers”, and “frame your answers in a way that relates your skills to the […]

Write Your Own Positioning Statement: Three Things I Learned From My Career Coach #2

This is a job you’ve wanted for a while. It’s perfect for you; a natural step up in your career with more responsibility, better pay, and an opportunity to make a difference. You’re finally met […]