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I Got Skills Campaign Report: Week 2 KPIs

Hey all, It’s been two weeks since launch and the IGS video has about 9,790 views, 82 shares, and 75+ comments between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s very close to 10,000 total views! Views on Facebook have […]

I Got Skills Campaign Report: Week 1 KPIs

Hey all, After the first week, the IGS video has about 7,600 views, 78 shares, and 71 comments between Facebook and LinkedIn. Total views on LinkedIn has surpassed total views on Facebook. Interesting! Here are […]

I Got Skills Campaign Report: KPIs

Hey all, Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the numbers I’m seeing from the video resumé. See how it’s doing on: The LinkedIn post (widescreen) The Facebook post (square) As of Sunday night, January 7th, 2018, […]

Music Video Resumé Coming January 3rd

Hello! I’ve had my head down since last summer finishing up school and preparing for the job search. Here are a few quick announcements. I graduated this month with a BA Marketing from Portland State […]

Real iDeal Radio Podcast S1E1: Joyfear, Resumes & Why I Listen to Podcasts

Topics Joyfear, is it good, is it bad? turns out, it’s both How I focused through a major life change What is Radio iDeal Radio? Five Reasons I volunteered to be a KPSU DJ Impact […]

Highlights and Resolutions

My first memory is from Christmas, 1980. I just turned four years old. I remember waddling into my bedroom led by my grandparents, and what I saw standing there was magnificent…a brand new bicycle. Powder blue. […]

Summer Goals Update

Here’s a quick update on my goals for summer break. Home Garden √ Boom! These dishes are done. Here are over 30 photos showing the whole process. Thanks to neighbor Bud and my buddy Andy for […]

Career Transition Update: One Down, Six To Go.

One term down, six to go. For this post I’ll give an update on school, my career transition, and how I’m spending time when I’m not studying. SPRING TERM IS OVER My first term back […]