What If Managers Worked For Tips?

Life is short. Most of us will work for only about 40 years in our lifetime. Are we doing all we can to grow, discover & live our purpose? At work, are we doing all […]

“I Was Just Joking” – Sarcasm in the Workplace

We’ve all been there.  Someone makes a comment and you can’t tell if they’re joking or not. We may study their face for a tell, take their comment at face value, or we may actually […]

Want A Better LinkedIn Profile Summary? Paint It Red.

When shopping for homes we learn about “curb appeal”, which is the aesthetic charm of a residence when viewed from the street. Red front doors are generally said to enhance curb appeal. I know when I […]

Are Networking Events Really Worth It?

Networking events can be awkward and uncomfortable. Your anxieties are on high alert. You don’t know anyone there. You’re afraid you’ll want to leave right away. “Why isn’t anyone talking to me?”.  “Why aren’t I […]

Five Valuable Productivity Tips For Job Seekers

It was December 16th, 2015, only 2 days after I had published the first article on my new website, and I had slept in. Not good, as I had planned to get up early that […]

How To Easily Improve Your Life With Passive Learning

In a team meeting last October, after the announcement that our offices were closing, I played for my team a Ted Radio Hour podcast episode called Simply Happy. The episode features six interviews with six […]

Joyfear (3 Ways to Focus When You Face Job Elimination)

Each year, I used a week of vacation time in late July to celebrate my sister’s birthday, work on creative projects and enjoy the summer, and 2015 was no exception. The weather in Portland, Oregon was […]